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be ecofriendly minded at a fair price

When you Drop&GO, the basic services detailed below will always be offered at the prices indicated here in Units of Credit (UC):


Ecofriendly Laundry

Our Partners use only 100% ecofriendly professional washing products.

Per piece UC
BLOUSE ECO on hanger 4,00
SHIRT ECO on hanger 3,70
SHIRT ECO folded 4,00

Dry Cleaning

Per piece UC
SKIRT plain 7,60


This Drop&GO service is payable

  • as a laundry service payable with your Cash and/or Comfort Units of Credit (UC) ;
  • with 1 Service-Voucher for the equivalent of 1 hour of ironing (= 7 Services-Vouchers UC on your MyABN account).


“Thinking Green when washing your car”. Each of our partners has its little “manufacturing” secrets that make its specificity.

They only use as few as 1 liter of sprayed water, an ecofriendly carshampoo and time to hand wash, rinse and dry your car.

Your parking spaces will never be left waterlogged!


Car size
Small Urban : Fiat 500, Smart, Toyota IQ, Twingo, Vw Up,…
Medium Small Coupe, Small Berline, Small Cabrio, Small Sport… : Audi A4, BMW serie 1/3, Golf, nouvelle Polo, Mini, Mercedes B & C, Peugeot 308, Porsche 911,…
Large Berline, Break, Small SUV : Audi A5/6 & Q2/3, BMW serie 5 & X1/3, Mercedes E,…
X-Large Berline Prestige, 4×4, Monovolume : Audi A7/8 & Q5/7, BMW serie 6/7 & X4/5/6, Mercedes S – CLS – M & G.., Porsche Panamera & Cayenne, Range Roover, Renault Espace,…
Formule Small Medium Large X-Large
OUT 15 20 25 35
OUT&WHEELS 20 25 30 40
OUT+ 30 40 50 60
IN-OUT 45 60 75 85
IN only 30 45 55 60

-OUT : outside washing including shampooing the body, drying the body

-OUT&WHEELS : washing OUT + washing wheels rims

-OUT+ : washing OUT&WHEELS + limited inside cleaning including vacuuming front carpets and seats, emptying and cleaning ashtrays, dusting the dashboard, washing the front and frontside windows and the mirror

-IN-OUT : full wash inside & outside

-IN only : full wash inside

To complete those basic services, our partners often offer a wider range of Drop&Go services whose content and prices may vary according to the local context.

For more details, visit the website of the MyABN partner of your choice.