Pay online with MyABN

All Drop&GO services sold by MyABN Partners are paid with the Cash, Comfort or Service-Voucher Units of Credit (UC) available online on their customers MyABN account.

How to pay online with MyABN account:

Cash UC

Depending on the nature of your Drop&GO order and/or according to your user preferences, you can choose to pay your orders prepaid or postpaid.

For services payable in cash, buy Cash UC at the rate of 1 € = 1 Cash UC.

See how to buy your Cash UC here below.


Once your Drop&GO order collected, it will be priced and its value will be posted to your MyABN account

if the Units of Credit, UC, available on your MyABN account can pay for your order

=>your order is “prepaid” and processed immediately;

if your MyABN account is not sufficiently credited

=> a Cash UC buying request is automatically sent to you and your “postpaid” order will be processed only after receipt of your payment.

You will find your payment options in your MyABN account >> Cash UC >> Buy:

online via Paypal / credit card.

  • Your payment is received immediately and any order in progress is processed without delay.

by bank transfer

  • Be careful, if you have a pending order, it will be processed only once paid … so take into account bank time when choosing your method of payment!

1 € = 1 Cash UC

Comfort UC

Comfort : more for your money

Our partners individually decide on the Comfort UC use conditions for payment of their services.
Check their websites to know if you can benefit with them of your Comfort Savings!

1 Comfort UC pays 1 € of service


When you use our services on a Drop&GO basis, you do part of our administrative work, group your purchases, pay in advance … it is normal that with the savings you help us making, MyABN be willing to offer you to receive more for the Same budget.

-  For free
— as you register, your account on MyABN shows 2 free Comfort UC
— as a bonus when you buy your Cash UC
-  Buy directly your Comfort UC via your MyABN account or during certain promotional actions

Dès réception d’une commande Drop&GO pouvant ou devant être payée avec vos Comfort UC, notre partenaire MyABN utilisera d’abord vos Comfort UC disponibles en paiement partiel ou total du montant de votre commande.

MyABN partners take care of it. For any order which can or must be paid with your Comfort UC, our partner will first use your Comfort UC available as a partial or as a total payment of your order.

Services-Vouchers UC

No more uncontrollable paper cards or vouchers that are always lost to your disadvantage!

MyABN allows you to have an online tracking of the cost (to the minute) of the ironing services you entrust to our partners, the payments you make, the balance resulting from these various operations.


With MyABN : 1 Service-Voucher = 7 Services-Vouchers UC

For more information, visit the MyABN partner website of your choice.


1. Set up your account on MyABN via: “UC Services-Voucher” / “Use” / “Will you use services-vouchers?”
- your account on MyABN must show a minimum Cash balance of at least the equivalent of 10 €
- a 10 € garanty will be made and kept as long as your MyABN account is configured for the use of services-vouchers
- if you use ironing service on your workplace, you must have electronic services-vouchers!

2. Use our partners services
- Do not forget to print your Order Form via “UC Services-Voucher” / “Use”, to fill it in before you hand it over together with your laundry

1. Pay our services
- electronic services-vouchers: when the ironing work is done, you will be asked to validate its payment on the website of SODEXO.
- paper services-vouchers: please pay the ironing as you collect your laudry in ABN workshop.

2. Control all transactions with the history tool of your MyABN account