Pay online with MyABN

MyABN Partners services that are listed on their website are priced in Units of Credit (UC).

An order will only be processed if your MyABN account holds enough credit to pay it. See what kind of UC to use.

Cash UC, Comfort UC, Services-Tickets UC

Cash UC

Cash UC, it’s up to you to decide when to pay : before or after the cost of your order be posted to your MyABN account

prepaid : you did top up your MyABN account in advance and the Cash UC still available on it are sufficient to pay for the order => the order is processed at once ;

postpaid : you first want to know how many Cash UC are needed to pay for the order => decide if you still want to go on with your order and pay it or rather cancel it.

Your MyABN account explains how to get your Cash UC : 1 € = 1 Cash UC.

Comfort UC

Comfort : more for your money

1 € > 1 Comfort UC  AND  1 Comfort UC = 1 Cash UC

MyABN Partners decide individually how the Comfort UC can be used to pay for their services.
Check their websites to see if you can benefit with them from these Comfort Savings !


Comfort UC are use by MyABN Partners as a way to give you access to some of their services at a better price.

Furthermore, as you can only use them prepaid, it is normal MyABN be willing to offer you to receive more for the Same budget.

-  For free
— as you register, your account on MyABN shows 2 free Comfort UC
— as a bonus when you buy your Cash UC
-  Get directly your Comfort UC via your MyABN account or during certain promotional actions.

MyABN partners take care of it. For any order which can or must be paid with your Comfort UC, our partner will first use your Comfort UC available as a partial or as a total payment of your order.

Services-Tickets UC

No more uncontrollable paper cards or vouchers that are always lost to your disadvantage!

MyABN allows you to have an online tracking of the cost (to the minute) of the ironing services you entrust to our Partners, the tickets you have to pay, the balance resulting from these various operations.


With MyABN : 1 Service-Ticket = 1 Hour = 60 Services-Tickets UC

For more information, visit the MyABN partner website of your choice.


1. Set up your account on MyABN via: “Services-Tickets UC” / “Use” / “Will you use service-ticket ?”
- your account on MyABN must have a minimum of 10 Cash UC
- 10 Cash UC will be transfered and maintained in Guarantee for as long as you use MyABN for your services-tickets
- if you use ironing service on your workplace, you must have electronic services-tickets !

2. Use our partners services
- Do not forget to print your Order Form via “UC Services-Tickets” / “Use”, to fill it in before you hand it over together with your laundry

1. Paying the services
- electronic services-tickets : when the ironing work is done, you will be asked to validate its payment on the website of SODEXO.
- paper services-tickets : please pay the ironing as you collect your laudry.

2. Control all transactions with the history tool of your MyABN account