Services user or provider also have to learn to fish where the fish is and fish when they are bitting.


“… fish where the fish is”

your local market has so much to offer

play local

make choices that value proximity and the sharing of simple and of common sense solutions to reduce the impact of your activities on the environment

at a fair price


Your MyABN account is a master key that allows you to enjoy the benefits of local commerce and of online services.

The opening a MyABN account is FREE… and so much more !


You are MyABN?
Let your customers know it from your website and , while on it, register, access your services and pay you online.

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with your MyABN Local Services Directory : the tools and the know-how to log you in to those who value your choices !


The Corporate Concierge Services is the project for which MyABN has developed a unique know-how that meets the expectations of that market

This allows Services Providers, registered as MyABN Partners, to have all the tools they need to professionally manage the distribution of their services at their point of sale, at the home of their customers and, when authorized by MyABN Concierge Services, to the staff of the companies of their region.

be MyABN… play local

at home
at home

At home Via this link, you will find the list of municipalities in which MyABN Partners offer their Drop&GO services at home. Have your address approved by a MyABN partner Once you'll see your CP in our list hereabove, please register your adress in full and have it verified and approved by the MyABN Partner

in the shop of a partner
in the shop of a partner

In the shop of a partner Those who use the services of our Partners have a very precise idea of ​​the type of proximity that best suits their living and/or travel habits. Via this link, you will find the list of municipalities in which MyABN Partners offer their services in their point of sale with

concierge services available in a company’s building
concierge services available in a company’s building

A company’s building is more than just a workplace ! be MyABN Concierge Services THE SERVICES OF YOUR DAILY LIFEWITH Drop&GOVIA MyABN CONCIERGE SERVICES The services of your daily life offered by MyABN Concierge Services include most of the time laundry/dry-cleaning/ironing/car-washing and may vary depending on the offer available locally. We understand your concern for

be MyABN

“… fish when they are bitting ”