A company’s building is more than just a workplace !

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Concierge Services

The services of your daily life offered by MyABN Concierge Services include most of the time laundry/dry-cleaning/ironing/car-washing and may vary depending on the offer available locally.

We understand your concern for eco friendly issues. Our concierge services are mostly produced and distributed under the supervision of a MyABN Partner working nearby your company’s building location and respecting our choices and values :

“be ecofriendly minded at a fair price”


MyABN was born from an idea : to give access to services at the workplace of customers, during their working time, therefore when they are seldom readily available.

Drop&GO is our “no contact” answer to this concern and has been in the heart of our delivery system for more than 20 years.

As a result, we know exactly how to make your company’s building a safer place for your staff to access all of our convenient Concierge Services.

MyABN is first and foremost a network targeting the in-Company Concierge Services market.
The in-Company Concierge Services is a set of daily services which are made available to the employees of a company on their workplace.”

To date, approximately 70% of MyABN accounts are owned by customers who use the services of our partners as concierge services at their workplace.

The in-Company Concierge Services is the project in which MyABN has developed an original know-how that enables us to offer to any company a “Plug&Play” solution that allows its staff to access the services provided by our partners.

Our solutions meet the requirements of

- the HR : the service improves work-life balance;

- the  Procurement : the most of our solutions cost nothing to the company, neither installation costs nor operating expenses;

- the Facility : the service is implemented easily, quickly and can be as discreet a drinks vending machine.

be MyABN Concierge Services

being in a very small business of less than 10 people or a multinational of 1000 people or more, there is always a MyABN Concierge Services solution, free of charge or at low cost, tailored to the size of the company and/or the choice of its management

In 1991, an idea draws MyABN and its project, still the same today : making daily services available at the customer’s workplace !

In 1994, a first company called on us for its staff. Then, the management of the building in which this company is located decides to give access to our services to all its tenants.

Over time, we have improved our distribution procedures. We offer now our services in other office buildings in Belgium. We constantly make sure that our services are in line with the requirements of our customers.